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Parent Aide Program

Parent Aide Program

New Behavioral Network supports the current presumption that favors parents' rights to raise their children. We know that for children in foster care, reunification with their birth parents is often the primary permanency goal and the most likely reason a child will leave placement.

What is the Parent Aide Program?

New Behavioral Network's Parent Aide Program offers services which focuses on developing strategic objectives on the key issues to be addressed to improve the likelihood of children, placed in foster care, being successfully reunified with their birth parents.

What are the program's objectives?

  • To use the collaborative benefits of school, community and agency resources to assist in the reunification process.
  • To deliver training sessions for parents focusing on identifying critical parenting issues.
  • To teach parents about procedure and regulations to facilitate the process and reality of reuniting with their child or grandchild.
  • To model effective parenting and parenting strategies.
  • To help parents develop skills and maintain habits to raise intelligent and emotionally stable children.

What methods will be employed?

The intake process allows New Behavioral Network to review all necessary referral information and we will then contact the parent / guardian to schedule the initial visit. The initial visit allows New Behavioral Network to obtain additional information needed and introduces the family to the agency and services provided. During this visit the process and all components of the Parent Aide Program will be explained. Visiting sessions are then set up between parent and child or children. Parenting education and counseling sessions are arranged in order to successfully reunite parent and child or children.

Who will provide these services?

The Clinical Manager (LCSW) oversees all clinical aspects of the program and supervises the Case Manager weekly. The Bachelor and Masters prepared Parent Aide Case Manager has experience in moderate to high risk parent / child reunification. One member of each team is fluent in Spanish.

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