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Wrap Around Program

New Behavioral Network Wrap Around Program

What is the Wrap Around Program?

New Behavioral Network offers community-based services that assist children (ages 3-21) and families to address behavioral and mental health needs. These services consist of strength-based individualized treatment plans that address specific behavioral and mental health concerns of the child and family. All services are performed in the child's home, school and other community settings. Families are active participants from the development of the treatment plan to the achievement of goals.

What are the program's objectives?

  • To provide dependable, reliable, well-trained therapeutic mentors.
  • To plan and implement therapeutic activities which carry out the therapeutic treatment plan.
  • To ensure all goal oriented activities are clinically sound and provide services based on the most up-to-date information provided by the Comprehensive Intake Process.
  • To provide continuous communication among all members of the therapeutic treatment team to ensure the success of the program.
  • To help parents develop skills and maintain habits to raise intelligent and emotionally stable children.

What methods will be employed?

The intake process allows New Behavioral Network to review all necessary referral information and will then contact the family to schedule the initial visit. The initial home visit will usually take place in the client's home. This allows New Behavioral Network to obtain additional information about the community and environment, and introduces the family to the agency and services provided. During this visit the process and all components of the program will be explained. Visiting sessions are then set up with a Therapeutic Mentor, carefully selected based on the client's needs and behaviors, as well as compatiability with schedules.

Who will provide these services?

The Clinical Manager (LCSW) oversees all clinical aspects of the program and supervises the Case Manager weekly. The Bachelor and Masters prepared Child Mental Health Case Manager has experience in moderate to high risk children/youth mental health programs, and will supervise the Therapeutic Mentors weekly. The Therapeutic Mentors provided each meet specific qualifications and experience necessary for moderate to high risk children/youth mental health programs.

Wrap Around Program

Our mission at New Behavioral Network is to provide services that utilize a multi-systemic perspective, services that are strength based, and services that empower families with the ability to maintain change. Our Wrap Around Program works to unite an intricate network of systems, including family and community organizations, that are involved with the client. New Behavioral Network is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment across all settings. We place value in identifying and building the client's strength, and utilizing these assets to facilitate change.

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